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Your Domain Name is the starting point of your online music identity. We will do a the domain search & domain nam eregistration, finding you the perfect domain name. Your own personalized online artist, Dj, Producer website name will be registered for you in minutes. Music Promotionz can host, park and do the maintence of your Domain name, including the renewal of the name.  We also offer Domain Name Transfers and Domain Name Server (DNS), server name changes. 


Our robust and all-inclusive hosting packages has everything that you in the music industry, whether you are an artist, band, dj, or producer, needs to be successful online, whether you are just displaying your music to the world or desiring to grow an international fan base or you are going to set up your own distribution of your music and music and/or you would like to monetize your website to earn an addition stream of income. Music Promotionz can provide you with powerful ecommerce hosting solutions designed specifically for you in the music industry. Backed by enterprise power and unlimited features there’s no reason to wait. Call Music Promotionz Today!
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As an artist, dj, or producer in the music industry, and you are selling your music, merch and services online, you will a method to process payment. To accept card payments online or offline a merchant account is required directly or through a 3rd party provider. A merchant account is a type of bank account that will premit you to accept payments in multiple ways, mainly debit or credit cards. A merchant account is established under an agreement between an acceptor and a merchant acquiring bank for the settlement of payment card transactions.
Another payment processor is option is PayPal and other companies like Paypal. Adding this type of payment processor, will give your customer a faster, safer way to pay. In a few easy steps, they can speed through checkout using their PayPal account to pay with PayPal balance, bank account, credit card or Visa Debit card. ...


Your Website Promtions Website promotion is a collection of tactics, actions and techniques that serve to drive traffic (visitors) to your website. Web promotion is how online businesses get the word out about the website. Tincrease exposure of a website to bring more visitors. Many techniques such as search engine optimization and search engine submission are used to increase a site's traffic once content is developed.

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Search Engines such as Google require that your website is well maintained with "fresh" content on an ongoing basis. With frequent updates the creditbility of your website is increased with the search engings..... To maintain serarch rankings, attract and keep fans and customers, to have your fans continuously updated with your music, evnts/tours, and music career, your website requires to be maintenance.
Regular maintenance of your website can also keep your website secure. conduct regular scheduled backups of your website, prevent and fix hacking or malicous malware and viruses. In addition updating and maintenance of your website will keep your fans and customers happy with your pre and new releases, updated tour dates and info, current photos, new merch, and press releases, etc. ...


Music Promotionz covers all your Photo Service needs via online. Photo services online offers Graphic designs "which is art with purpose". It involves creating the vision the customer requires, with the use of images, symbols or even words. Music Promotions can design your logos, brochures, banners, and advertisements to promote your brand. We strive to incorporate our creativity with the visions of your image, brand and music. Our services  ensure that you go through the proper branding process while allowing your artist, dj or production name to have a lasting impression on the web, in print, and offline. We have a team of printers, copywriters, photographers, stylists, illustrators and other graphic/web designers, also account executives, web developers and marketing specialists to service your needs.

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When it comes to selling your music online, we don’t skip a beat. You get all of digital distribution solutions with Music Promotionz. We can provide you with all the latest technology enabling you to internationally distribute your music online. Music Promotionz can embed your own personalized distribution on your website. In addition you want to continue selling your music via online distributors, such as itunes, Tunecore,Spotify, and more which can also be embeded on your website. Contact Music Promotionz to your music sold to the world.


Your Merchandiseis one of the largest – income, money-making sources for artists, djs, and producers have today, when done correctly. While it’s important to set up a merch booth at all of your shows, it is even more important to offer a variety your own personalized banded merchandise on your website. The sales of you music and merch online can far exceed a merch booth at a show and provide your with an ongoing 24 hour a day source of income.
Easy! Music Promotionz can make printing custom merchandise simple and affordable. Music Promotionz has QUICK TURNAROUND TIMES for your customers / fans. It is our goal to make sure you are branded to your image and that you look good! We are your partners to get you good looking custom merchandise that far exceeds just T-Shirts and hats but to your own branded product line of merchandis. And all at a great price. that your fans will love, while you are still making a profit. Link Music Promotionz for more information.

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