Reggae is the expression of the heart and sole of Jamaican people, it is the main tool, you could call it a weapon of mental stability, against oppression and mental bondage.
being a Island coming from no firm roots or one racial background, a island of confusion with many mixed cultures and races coming together since the days of slavery.
Reggae music became the voice that stood against government, injustice and mistreatment of our people.
Although reggae was developed by the Rastafarian Community, its powerful sounds speak to every nation and language, as if universal. Its positive vibration is known to encourage youth to stick to righteousness and truth.

To know and understand their vale and self-worth!

It is embraced as being not only a manifestation of what we wanted from government
A honest doctrine of peace, love and anti-corruption to increase unity and Murder Poverty. Though reggae is often misconstrued with dance-hall, reggae is more a driving force for truths, rights and justice!

Through Several Legends such as Bob Marley, Burning Spear, Mighty Diamonds, Culture, The Congoes, Big Youth and many others.

The art of reggae is so unique it compliments and almost every genre of music,  Artist such as Bob Marley  toured the world with bands such as Rolling Stones, Beatles, Bob Dylan and the pretenders.


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