Mystique Productions

Creating new and diverse music is our passion. Giving listeners something different from the norm! 
At Mystique Productions all our rhythms and tracks are unique in nature. Our beats are mixtures of almost all genres of music through different compositions. 
The tracks are a variety of mostly clean lyrical conscious music, along with a few rough rebellious swings...

we try not to put too much hostility and demeaning lyrics in our tracks although all such criticisms are really based on perception. 

However, we strive to provide mainly positive messages to our audience, while keeping it fun and entertaining, "because that's what music is really about!" 

The heartbeat freeing your soul from all depression and frustrations.

So if you're interested in positive thoughts and lyrics..and you can "overstand the Jamaican dialect!"
Check us out at Mystique Productions 
Just click the name to see our website.
We also offer many services to artiste and musician, stop by and check us out.

The reggae scene, especially in Jamaica, is said to be limited... but many underground reggae artistes just really needs to be able to get their voice heard. The stigma created behind the industry that causes so much jealousy, envy and greed has to end. 
Artiste such as kabaka Pyramid, Jesse Royal, Chronixx, and protoje started this trend of unity amongst each other and teamwork.
Artist like I Wayne, Fanton Mojah, and Natty King, Rohan Lee are great artist that needs to be heard. 

"Such as Greats like Sizzla,  Capleton, Damian and Stephen Marley".

We respect all Artist and believe each plays their role in developing the industry. I intend to work with as many as possible throughout my journey.

At this point, I would also like to recommend upcoming artists such as K'neil Ablaze, Fyah Konkarah, Shakka P,  Daramus Johnson, L.E.A.D and Jah Face.

Give thanks to all the supporters of Mystique Productions, it is greatly appreciated. 

One love every time. 
Jah children live On!!!


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