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Music can repair brain damage. Music therapists often use a style of singing that utilizes rhythmic pacing with simple words and phrases to encourage conversational speech when working with victims of a stroke or traumatic brain injury. Music is processed on the right side of your brain whereas speech is processed on the left. Through this music based therapeutic approach of singing rather than speaking, a connection is made from the left to the right hemisphere. This connection between the two hemispheres helps to create new pathways and repair damaged parts of the brain through this stimulation. Want to learn more about this therapeutic strategy? Another great testimony of how music changed someone's life is that of congresswoman “Gabby” Gifford.


                                                                                                                                                                  STOP CHEAT
DELILAHWARN DEM by K'neil Ablaze





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"Kenneil Redwood," aka K'neil Ablaze. 

He was born in Jamaica at the Kingston Public Hospital. 

 He began to Realize his conscious love for music from as far as pre-school.”

He went to McCauley primary in Spanish Town, St Catherine, Then Lawrence Tavern Primary, in St. Andrew, 

He then went on to Calabar High School. Where His personal love deepened in writing & performing his own songs. 

Now with a stronger drive, he is geared towards providing non-stop conscious clean reggae music to the world

K'neil Ablaze 

International Reggae Artist is currently in Las Vegas preparing tracks and album for 2018 and beyond.

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share the love, promote clean positive music with meaning!

It is said that a Physical effect of music on  "Brain function" is that it physically changes in response to music


to be continued. ....

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