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There are several online music Store in the world, selling billions of songs. Users of Apple are loyal to iTunes because of its easy- to- use syncing features to Apple products like the iPod. It can be used by both Mac and Windows operating systems.

It caters to a fan base with individualistic tastes. This means that you can find songs here that you can’t find anywhere else even on the most popular stores. Songs can be bought individually or given at a discounted price if you become a member.

Store also features amazon MP3 Music Download, songs sold at reasonable prices. It has excellent service and compatible downloads for different devices. It has more than 16 million songs. To buy and play songs, one will have to download CloudPlayer.

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To create our store, we did some research and found that social media engagement can be a good indicator of online influence as it is in essence a digital word-of-mouth recommendation.

When music fans regularly share a site’s content over time in great numbers, the more influential it becomes, helping the site become more trusted. However there are no security issues associated with your pages because we sell only from the top distributors, such as iTunes and Amazon in our stores

Our list is based on the total number of social engagements a website’s content received over a set period of time, and we counted social shares across Facebook (including likes and comments), Twitter, Pinterest, Google+ and LinkedIn.

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