We all should agree that in this world today we all need some form of calmant!!!

As we know life has its way of giving you lemons!!

Can you make it lemonade??

We create such music which allows you to get a different refreshing experience, the lyrics is our calmant… this is because if you actually spend time to follow the lyrical content of 85% of our music it actually gives you something to think about.

Might actually change your overall point of view to a more conscious and positive one!

whichever way, our main goal is to provide a positive ambiance through stimulation of the conscious aspects of the mind and body.

We here at Mystique Productions are far from  perfect in our actions and doings. some songs may be considered boring or monotonous to sum do to the appearance of lyrics over melody.

However our main aim is not only to entertain through music but also to teach…

such as our forefathers Malcom x, Marcus Garvey, Martin Luther and all other educated Men.

We ask that when listening to Mystique Productions and artists, you enjoy the music but also try to get the meaning behind the words..

We hope for you our listening audience the experience will be a good one and also that you continue to support our vision and journey

Jah Bless

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