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Kenneil Redwood aka K’neil Ablaze. He was born in Jamaica at the Kingston Public Hospital. He grew up in St. Catherine (Spanish town – Portmore) & also in St. Andrew. He began to Realize his conscious love for music from as far as pre-school.

Kneil Ablaze would sing recorded songs on neighborhood sound systems, my first remake song in primary school was on a project for taking care of the environment”.

Kneil Ablaze went to McCauley primary in Spanish town, St Catherine at the time, then Lawrence Tavern Primary, in St. Andrew, then on to Calabar High School. His personal love deepened in High school where his friends were writing & performing their own songs. Persons, who are currently influential in J.a music, be it writing, engineering or performing.

After high school connected with community engineer & aspiring producer Andre Walker now Mystique Productions. Kneil Ablaze also made links with aspiring recording artists and producers at U.W.I. & also in St. Catherine and Kingston. Entered song competitions such as “Portmore Talent Search”, where he made it up to second place. A competition which now acclaimed Gyptian started his Spotlight Career. Kneil Ablaze had various aliases given to him by friends who admired the ability He was blessed with to write). “Artistes who I admired varied from every genre of music.

Mostly Reggae, Soul, R&b Rap, Dancehalland culture. “I never had a dislike for the art form of music”. Say’s Ablaze. Kneil Ablaze always admired Rastafarian music, such as “Garnet silk, Peter tosh, John Holt and all the legends”. He learned to love listening to this type of music mainly because of his Father, close family members & friends.

Living in Spanish town St. Catherine He experienced firsthand or via third parties media, the effects of crime, injustice, hard life, thinking poor and sufferation felt by a lot of people in the world. Still, he admired the good ways music would cause people to feel when they experienced it. “ I loved dancing. I danced for as long as I could remember.

It was My first real passion. I danced in my neighborhoods such as those in St. Andrew and Spanish town, at parties, clubs etc., anywhere that I could. I met & had good dancer friends. I eventually stopped dancing in the late 90’s to early 2000’s”.Stated Ablaze.

After His spiritual Rejuvenation (as he refers to it), in the mid-2000’s to Rastafarian ways of life in Spanish Town. It wasn’t easy… a drastic shift from a mindset of vigilante justice to true justice, which is (God-fearing justice).the good friends around him whom he refers to as brothers and also his family, uncles, aunties, cousins brothers & sisters supported him.

They might not have been directly there but they were there! Stated Ablaze. A son from a family of 8 children, he became more observant of music, its genres & its way of expression. he became driven with a sense of purpose to write and perform music. He made the drastic move to conscious music/lyrics with a newly innate intention to help the youths of today through word, sound, and power. He put the music aside for a while during this spiritual transformation era and began working on Self/philanthropy. It was slow but never failing.

In late 2000’s he moved to the island of Montserrat. A British Overseas Territory of the U.K. in the Lesser Antilles. He began to exercise his linguistic capabilities by writing & recording songs. He states “unless recording was futile I was present. I did shows after shows exercising the talent & at the same time encouraging & inspiring young youths to take the journey themselves”.

He has songs that have been recognized by the island music fraternity & also overseas record labels & private producers, who are passionate about his music. E.g.. Rasta Camp, V/pal distributing and other entities. He is now looking forward to creating more inspirational music. the aim & focus as a recording artist is to heal & bring good news to the sick & broken-hearted, poor & fatherless. Spiritual awakening to a dead or dying society drenched in poverty greed envy darkness. And he is confident in the victory of good over evil. Immanuel I.

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