How to get your band prepared for your shows and events

How to get your band prepared for your shows and events


Lets Talk About Bookings

It can be Frustrating trying to Book a gig as a beginner.... The process is long, and timing is KEY!


  • Select a date with a good time-span and season, at least two months before the time of the event. 
  • Prepare your band and choose your performance style as early as possible to ensure you have your show put together to the T, with at least two rehearsals a week or get the  show on point. especially in the final weeks.
  • Try to choose your date wisely, depending on your area, the types of events, crowd response and preference, etc... within the chosen time frame, and try to aim for the weekend or holiday period.

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The Right Acts!!!

As a band or a promoter it is good to be socially savvy, especially if your new on the scene try to mingle with like minded bands and audiences so as to build yourself a responsive network "key word being responsive because not all will support your venture, may it be friend or foe. Music does not necessarily have to be the same genre to compliment each other so therefore it can even be a mixed genre event so as to draw several fan bases to your venue.

 Think about what kind of show you want to offer.

If It Sounds Exciting Its a go!

Brainstorming as a team of organizers can be a major plus, as long as it can be discussed and ideas can be shared without childish or malicious negativity.

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  • Organize the right venue based on your type of show
  • Find a venue that matches your targeted crowd (don't get a big venue for a average audience expectation or the opposite).
  • Research your venue and surroundings
  • Ensure to use up all means of promotional tools..such as text, apps, social media, press, radio and such..
  • Check on your expenses and overall cost before pricing your gate and beverage, and try to be as reasonable as possible.
  • Make sure you have contact options listed and visible on all means of promotion ,and ensure someone is always available to answer queries and correct any arising issue.


Get your own social media page for specific event draw friends to help share and promote seek professional help if the show looks promising enough to gain high profits. 

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Professional design flyers and posters in the surrounding area can also attract large numbers as not everyone is social media friendly.

Mass emails and posts can also give you good advertising as a form of paid promotions.



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